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Center for Technological Development in Petroleum Industry Presented at the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan

Vice-Rector Danis Nurgaliev was the key speaker.

“It’s no secret that Tatarstan is a small model of Russia. The economy of our Republic depends in half on revenue from the petroleum industry. In this regard, supporting oil extraction and refining is of strategic importance. The University knows what and how to change, and we have all the competences and groundwork for that. When we are talking about the center for technological development, we mostly mean to concentrate everything under unified management and in tight cooperation with the industry,” he said,

The Center will focus on the following areas:

– modelling of oil and gas processes;

– oil extraction enhancement;

– technologies for heavy oils, including bitumen, shale, and Bazhenov formation;

– refining and petrochemistry, including catalysts, processes, and equipment;

– environmental risk evaluation and prevention.

Dr. Nurgaliev listed some of SAU EcoOil’s achievements, including the very recent agreements with PetroChina and Sinopec. He touched on the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies’ programs for all levels of education, from undergraduate to advanced training for experienced workers.

As was agreed today, the Center will take up approximately 25 thousand square meters, including the Center for Modelling, three facilities of Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute (currently in the process of merger with KFU), Technical Faculty of the Yelabuga Institute, and Regional Chemical Technology Engineering Center. Naturally, the whole range of KFU’s partners from China, Cuba, Colombia, Oman, France, and many other countries will be involved in the planned activities.