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Education development

Within the StrAU’s framework new academic programs will be development and implemented:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs in “Geology”, “Oil and gas” with enhanced and integral basic training in the disciplines of Natural sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc.). The program will include the new interdisciplinary courses, new professional (special) disciplines in the area of perspective directions of oil prospecting, exploration, production and refining within the framework of StrAU.
  • Master’s Degree Programs will include Development and Exploitation of Oil Fields Using Thermal Methods, Integrated Modeling of Development of Oil and Gas Deposits, Catalysts for Refining and Petrochemistry, Environmental Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry, Innovations for Gas Processing, Technologies of Clean and Renewable Energy, Smart Field.

All the programs will be conducted on the basis of the Centres of Excellence and OpenLabs which already exist or will be developed. The uniqueness of the academic programs is provided by the use of world-class equipment which is already bought in the framework of Program of enhancing KFU’s Competitive by attracting of the professors leading in the fields of StrAU, participation of leading international companies.

All the programs will be implemented in English in collaboration with partner universities and will pass an international accreditation according to the Calendar Plan.

  • Doctoral programs 

Innovative interdisciplinary joint academic PhD program for training Doctoral Students of new generation “Thermodynamics for innovative chemistry

There will be 11 universities leading in the field of thermodynamics and physical-chemical modeling and 6 international companies, who implement the products developed by these universities, will take part in the implementation of the program. For successful graduation, a researcher must complete and submit a research project not only meeting international scientific agenda, but also commercially viable for any of the partner companies. This will be achieved by involving the best world laboratories in this domain to the consortium.

  • Modernization and updating of Master Programs

In the framework of StrAU the Comprehensive analysis of data in petroleum geology program will be upgraded. Currently a joint program with the French Petroleum Institute IFP School is being developed.

  • Creating unique online courses MOOC (massive open online courses)

Taking into account that the above-mentioned master programs will be used in the education of students with basic training in various areas, all these programs will have individual learning paths. There will be developed e-learning courses in all disciplines, which includes establishing of online courses (MOOCS) at the leading platforms Coursera and EdX in the framework of StrAU: the on-line courses How to Produce a Lot of Oil and Gas: Innovative Methods for Enhanced Oil Recovery”, “Introduction to the Chemistry of Catalysts: How to Accelerate our Lives”, and “General Geology”.

Professional development plans for faculty members participating in the implementation of the educational programs

  • Inviting leading foreign experts leading in the priority areas; inviting young researchers to postdoc positions on a competitive basis; training research and teaching staff abroad (1-2 months) at partner universities and industrial organizations that are developing these areas
  • Accommodation for invited lecturers.
  • Establishment of OpenLabs.
  •  Systematic participation at the international scientific schools and conferences; organising and holding international scientific schools and conferences on the KFU basis.

Other measures and expected results of the academic activities of the StrAU

The following activities are planned in the framework of the StrAU implementation.

  • Within the framework of the Centre for additional education, quality management and marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies concept of lifelong learning will be implemented: programs of international internships, professional retraining and advanced training programs that are already in demand in the oil and gas sector (see Calendar Plan, PP. 2.5.1-2.5.8).
  • The organization and conducting of International Summer Schools;
  • In 2016 the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies participates in the International engineering Championship “Case-In”;
  • It is planned to expand the cooperation with the BRICS and OPEC in organization of training and field internships;
  • The Centre of Additional Education, Quality Management and Marketing in collaboration with International Union of Geological Sciences develops an International Project for the introduction of geological education in the secondary schools of all countries to form a planetary system of geological education.
  • Creation of international sites-consortia of a new type allowing to exchange experience.