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First MOOC Portal Launched by Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies

The Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing made a big step in developing Smart Education.

A unique system of automatically generated courses was introduced by the Center last year. It combines online education and individual trajectories. Anyone can now create her own individual compilation of courses for a specific purpose.

The Center’s website offers educational modules in several areas, such as geology and geophysics, deposit exploration, economics and finance, geodesy and mine surveying, metrology, professional English, and cadastral registry. Overall, there are 61 modules. The Center graduated 137 individuals in 2017.

Another new development is the multimedia education portal in general geology. The free resource gives information about the basics of Earth sciences. Over a year ago, general geology became the first KFU course to be made available at iTunes University.

In 2018, the Institute plans to open an incubator of online education that will serve as a platform for MOOC content and virtual classrooms for all types of students.

English-language programs are expected to be launched soon as well.