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Minister Nikolay Nikiforov Visited Kazan University

Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Communications and Mass Media of Russia, Chairman of the KFU Supervisory Board (and of its prominent alumni), arrived to the University on February 3rd. He was escorted by Rector Gafurov to the 3D Geo Center that was established in 2012. Schlumberger was the company that cooperated in creating the facility by providing its software licenses. The Center specializes in deposit modelling and serves many companies.

The Minister was also introduced to other projects of SAU EcoOil. Rapid development of extraction and refining technologies, implementation of information and robotic technologies, project-oriented teamwork, globalization and internationalization of petroleum companies, special attention to environmental issues, resource conservation, and energy efficiency – all these trends demand a significant transformation of higher education related to fossil fuels and their processing. The StrAU aims to address these challenges.

Minister Nikiforov expressed his positive attitude towards the witnessed progress. He will take a closer look at other priority developments during his next visit.