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Performance indicators

Important focus areas (science, education, engineering and technical research) for the StrAU in which the university will be highly competitive throughout the next 3-5 years

  • The StrAU will become a leader among the Centres of supplementary professional education in the field of geological sciences and in situ oil upgrading.
  • The StrAU will perform a breakthrough on the market of educational services in the area of lifelong learning by means of inoculation of interdisciplinary network forms of implementation of academic programs, professional training and retraining using information and communication and distance technologies and implementation of individual educational paths.
  • On the basis of the International Centre “Sustainable oil processing and production” an international journal “Oil and sustainability” will be established.

Impact of the StrAU development on the activities and indicators of the university’s “roadmap”

Number of international students recruited for study in priority areas (p. 3.2.1 KFU’s Roadmap) (p. 7 table. 3) in 2016 –  414/24.8 % (the absolute value / % of KFU total), in 2020 – 728/28%, due to following activities: introduction of 10 master programs in English, including 5 joint programs (4 of them internationally accredited), establishing a grant programs.

The number of international professors (p. 1.1.6 KFU’s Roadmap) (p. 6 table. 3) in 2016 – 33/42%, in 2020 – 120/35%, due to following activities: establishment of 16 research Centres, support of existing OpenLabs, the establishment of 6 new departments, etc.

Number of publications in Scopus (p. 7.1.2 KFU’s Roadmap) (p. 2-4 table. 3) in 2016 – 285/15%, in 2020 – 1040/21%, due to following activities: support of multi-method research, creation of 16 research Centres, involvement of leading international scientists, participation in conferences and trainings.

Funds raised in mln RUB (p. 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 KFU’s Roadmap) (p. 9 table. 3) in 2016 –  348/47%, in 2020 – 1450/30%, due to following activities: increasing the number of students (paid educational services), grants, research and development for major oil companies.