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Researchers Working to Extend the Life Cycle of Romashkino Oilfield

One of the largest oil deposits in the world can serve for many more years.

Romashkino Field is one of the ten largest oil deposits on the planet right now. Geological reserves are estimated at 5 billion tons, and proved reserves at 3 billion tons. Romashkino oil accounts for 70% of the total oil extracted in Tatarstan. And by now, as experts have opined, about 80% of the field is depleted. JSC Tatneft, its main developer, is now pondering next steps in light of the decrease of well production rate.

KFU employees try to make a contribution to this task. Several groups of SAU EcoOil work specifically on Romashkino issues. TRIZ Modelling Center, for instance, explores the rate of exploitation of resources at the deposit. The Center uses all the geophysical data to create applied geological and hydrodynamic models.

Deputy Director for Innovation of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies Vladislav Sudakov elaborates, «The well count of Romashkino currently is 3,615. 700 of them are in the studied area. As you can see, we have to work with this immense amount of data to provide Tatneft with a technological forecast for the existing count and the advisable geological and technological measures. They will obtain a clear picture of how much oil is left and how to extract it with maximum efficiency».

Master students of the IGPT are actively involved in this work, as well as other R&D and contract projects. This is a part of the Institute’s strategy of integrating practice and education.

Dr. Sudakov adds, «This participation is an excellent chance for our guys to deepen their theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills. I want to emphasize that our master students are involved in all stages of the work and can see the significance and necessity of the research».