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SAU EcoOil Employees Co-Authored a Wiley Monograph

Magnetic Resonance for Petrophysical Research Lab provided a chapter for Analytical Characterization Methods for Crude Oil and Related Products.

Kazanites shared their expertise in high-frequency impulse methods of electron paramagnetic resonance in the chapter called High-Field, Pulsed, and Double Resonance Studies of Crude Oils and their Derivatives. All the five authors – Marat GafurovMikhail Volodin, Timur Biktagirov, Georgy Maminand Sergey Orlinsky – are employees of the Lab (established in 2016).

Dr. Orlinsky’s group has already published a dozen articles in international journals, including Energy and Fuels. The scientists assure that they have more to tell. The monograph only includes their results as of the end of 2016. Since then the Lab has obtained new data about high molecular compounds in heavy oils and bitumen, mobility of vanadyl complexes, combination and recombination of stable hydrocarbon radicals, and others.