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Turkmenistan Delegation visited laborotories of StrAU EcoOil

The guests arrived on September 22nd.

The delegation is headed by Vice-Premier for Oil and Gas Complex Maksat Babayev and Chairman of Turkmen Oil Dovleturdy Khadjiev. They met with President Rustam Minnikhanov on September 17th and had talks about cooperation in petroleum and gas industry, including exploration, refining, professional education, and other issues.

At KFU the guests toured the relevant labs and familiarized themselves with project in deposit monitoring, exploration, and extraction of viscous oils. General Director of Tatneft Nail Maganov, who was present at the excursion, commented, “The main question that we want to answer here is how to make immobile oil mobile. For this we unite efforts of geologists, chemists, and physicists. There is much viscous oil in Tatarstan, and we are searching for the most efficient extraction method.”

KFU chemists elaborated on this line of thinking. They propose brand new methods of oil refining, that is, right inside reservoirs, so that only purified fractions would go to the surface. The delegation also listened to Aleksandr Lamberov who heads labs which are already producing industrial catalysts together with Nizhnekamskneftekhim. These products are all of potential interest for Turkmenistani oil producers.

Summarizing the negotiations, Rector Gafurov noted, “The University’s budget is currently 12 billion rubles, and 50% of this amount comes from industry partnerships, such as R&D and staff training”.

Thus, Kazan University continues to be the center of innovation in the Republic of Tatarstan. Notably, President Minnikhanov in his yesterday’s Annual Address to the State Council said that KFU will receive additional support for its innovation projects in 2018.